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          Updated on January 15, 2018

          Basic Laboratory

          The Basic Laboratory at Suining Central Hospital was established in September 2010 with an area of around 300 square meters. As the basic and clinical research base of the hospital, it is staffed by professional technicians and equipped with modern experimental facilities. It has more than 50 kinds of experiment instruments including Flow Cytometer, ELIASA, PCR Amplifier, Cryo Freezer, and Biosafety cabinet which are worth about 4 million Yuan.

          The Basic Laboratory carries out basic and clinical researches at cell level, gene level, as well as protein level. At the same time, it provides direct services for the clinical departments. It carries out cell immunization detection tests with Flow Cytometry platform, which include T-lymphocyte subgroup analysis, HLA-B27 detection and other items.

          Our mission is to carry out basic medical research, to promote combination of basic research and clinical research, and finally to achieve the goal of promoting clinical work. Besides, it also provides a platform for clinical scientific research, assists the hospital in personnel training, and improves the overall research strength of our hospital.