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          Updated on August 25, 2017

          Emergency Center

          The Emergency Center at Suining Central Hospital Originated from the Emergency Department of Third Hospital of North Sichuan Administrative Region which was founded in 1951.After over 60 years of development, it has now become a regional emergency center in central Sichuan area integrating prehospital first aid, emergency care inside hospital, scientific research, teaching as a whole, and has been approved as "Suining Emergency Center" by the Health and Family Planning Commission of Sichuan Province. The Emergency Center is a national standardized residency training base of emergency medicine, a standing committee membership unit of the Emergency Care Quality Control Center of Sichuan Province, and a main constituent part of the Chest Pain Center of Suining Central Hospital. It includes Emergency Department 1 in the Headquarters of the hospital and Emergency Department 2 in Hedong Branch.

          The Emergency Department 1 was put into use after remodeling and extension in April 2012 with reasonable layout and optimized workflow, whose medical conditions were greatly improved. It consists of 4 floors with a floorage of 2800 square meters and is divided into four functional areas as follows: 1.Urgent care area and EICU on the first floor, in which there are five standard rescue units including resuscitation unit, chest pain unit, blood perfusion unit, trauma unit, and general emergency unit;2.Consulting area on the second floor, which includes emergency consulting rooms of internal medicine, surgery and pediatrics, Surgical Debridement Room, Dog Bite Debridement Room, Teaching and Research Section of Emergency Medicine , and Color Ultrasound Room; 3.Emergency observation wards on the third floor, which are for adults having temporary intravenous infusion and chest pain patients; 4.Temporary infusion area for children on the fourth floor.

          Emergency Department 2 was established in March 2016 covering an area of 460 square meters. It includes three functional areas: Emergency Rescue Room, emergency observation ward, emergency consulting rooms and Surgical Debridement Room.

          The Emergency Center presently has 91 medical staff including 36 physicians and 55 nurses, among whom there are 2 chief physicians, 7 associate chief physicians, 8 attending physicians, 19 residents, 8 associate chief nurses, 8 supervisor nurses, 23 senior nurses, 19 junior nurses, and 3 doctors received master's degree. With a patient-centered service philosophy, the center always pays much attention to talents team construction. It has successively sent the backbone of the center to large hospitals such as West China Hospital and Southwest Hospital, etc. for further studies and also strengthens the emergency skill training of medical professionals within the center, which make all the staff amass rich clinical experiences in emergency care.

          The Emergency Center is well equipped with domestic first-class equipment, such as PB 840 multi-functional ventilator, Zhuoer(ZOLL) defibrillation monitor, Saab automatic cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine, POWERHEART G3 automated external defibrillator(AED) , various imported and homemade car ventilators, Mindray multi-parameter monitor, automatic blood perfusion machine, etc. It is also equipped with other emergency care and rapid detection equipment including central oxygen supply system, central negative pressure system, central call system, SHUCMAN optical fiber laryngoscope, automatic electrocardiogram machine, automatic gastric lavage machine, fast blood glucose detector, bedside fast blood gas analyzer, bedside rapid myocardial infarction detector, portable first aid soft package, fracture negative pressure fixed package, spinal fixation plate, etc. And there are 9 ambulances with complete on-board equipment in the center.

          The Emergency Center offers emergency care for acute and critically ill cases such as acute heart failure, acute respiratory failure, acute myocardial infarction, severe arrhythmias, acute hypertension, acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding, status epilepticus, acute poisoning, all types of shock, trauma, and cardiac arrest, etc. In addition to the daily prehospital rescue and emergency care inside the hospital, it also provides emergency medical care for major disasters and public health emergencies in central Sichuan area and medical safeguard service on the occasions of festival celebration and important events in Suining. It shoulders the responsibility for the referral and transfer of critically ill patients from the surrounding counties such as Zhongjiang County, Santai County, Anyue County, Lezhi County, Tongnan County, etc. and from township hospitals. The center always adheres to the service tenet of "Patients First, Life First, Time First, Quality First". With the joint efforts of the medical team, it keeps forging ahead and innovating, strives to improve its medical quality and management level, and has been successively awarded several municipal and provincial honorary titles.

          The Emergency Center actively carries out the integrated management of pre-hospital first aid, emergency ward, and urgent care for severe cases to ensure the quality of emergency care. It sees over 80,000 emergency patients yearly and provides urgent care for over 3,000 critical cases. The success rate of rescue for critically ill patients is over 97%.

          Our tenet: Patients First; Life First; Time First; Quality First.
          Our slogan: Life-saving; Devotion to duty; Time is life; An emergency call is an order.
          Our commitment: People-oriented; Life-saving.

          Emergency number: +86-825-2222995  +86-825-2292611