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          Updated on July 26, 2017


          Pediatric Department is a comprehensive department integrating medical care, teaching, scientific research, prevention, and rehabilitation as a whole. It includes Pediatric Ward 1, Pediatric Ward 2, PICU, Neonatal Ward (include neonatal intensive care unit), Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, and Children's Care Center. The department is a key clinical specialty of Sichuan Province and has established sub-specialties including neonatology, pediatric neurology, respirology, gastroenterology, urology, and cardiovasology, etc. It is a national standardized residency training base and also undertakes undergraduate education for Chongqing Medical University and North Sichuan Medical College. The department is currently staffed by over 100 medical staff, among whom there are 6 chief physicians and 6 staff received master's degree. 1 staff holds membership in the Respiratory Disease Committee of Chinese Neonatologist Association and 6 in the Specialty Societies of Sichuan Medical Association. 1 staff is a Standing Committee Member of the Pediatric Society of Sichuan Medical Association. There are 2 provincial medical incident appraisal experts and 1 expert of senior professional title review committee.

          The Pediatric Department is equipped with high-tech equipment including continueous positive airway pressure ventilator, neonatal constant and high frequency ventilator, compression atomizer, infant lung function instrument, exchange transfusion pump, infant radiation warmers, protocol acuity central station, remote visiting system, bone mineral densitometer, microcomputer optometer, children's suspension rehabilitation training system, hydrotherapy apparatus, and children's hyperbaric oxygen chamber, etc.

          Its areas of expertise include: status asthmaticus, respiratory failure, circulatory failure, severe dehydration, septic shock, rescue of various poisoning, early intervention and assessment of fine motor and gross motor for cerebral palsy, neonatal NBNA grading, epilepsy management, nebulization therapy for cough and whoop, pulmonary function evaluation and stepped-care for pediatric asthma, renal biopsy, screening for short stature, sexual precocity, chromosomal disorders, and hereditary metabolic diseases, bone mineral density measurement, application of pulmonary surfactant combined with CPAP for the treatment of premature infants with respiratory distress syndrome, exchange transfusion, total parenteral nutrition through PICC, blood purification, video electroencephalogram, and brain function monitoring, etc.