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          Updated on January 12, 2017


          The Stomatology Department at Suining Central Hospital(SCH) is a modernized and comprehensive stomatological specialty which integrates prevention, healthcare, treatment, prosthodontics, and cosmetology as a whole. It has 2 functional sections including a stomatology clinic and a ward of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. The Stomatology Department has 27 staff, 8 of whom received master's or doctor's degree. It is a national standardized residency training base of stomatology, a joint training base for the postgraduate students of Stomatology School of Zunyi Medical University, and a joint stomatology training base of North Sichuan Medical College. The department presides over 1 Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Support Project, 1 provincial Youth Innovation Project, 1 project of Sichuan People-benefit Stomatological Promotion Center, and 2 municipal scientific research projects. It has won 1 Third Prize of Sichuan Provincial Medical Science and Technology Award, 1 Second Prize of Suining Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award.

          The stomatology clinic is divided into four specialty groups, including: oral and maxillofacial & head and neck surgery, oral medicine and oral surgery, prosthodontics, and orthodontics. It has several bright and spacious treatment rooms and is equipped with a large body of advanced medical equipment such as German SIRONA comprehensive treatment chairs, German slips fiber INTRAsurg300plus teeth planter, Nova lattice MD20 dynamical systems from Switzerland, digital panoramic X-ray machine from Finland, digital radiography system, multifunctional dynamic sterilization machine, negative pressure suction machine from Germany, VDW root tube treatment apparatus, etc.

          The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a subordinate second-level specialty of Stomatology Department with 50 authorized beds. It focuses on the areas of expertise as follows: the radical operations of primary tumor and cervical lymphatic tissue of oral maxillofacial & head and neck tumors, such as lip cancer, tongue cancer, buccal carcinoma, gingival carcinoma, mouth floor carcinoma, malignant tumors of parotid, submandibular, and sublingual gland, etc., the functional recovery and reconstruction for large soft tissue defect and(or) bone defect after tumor resection, the treatment of head and facial trauma, multiple and complex maxillofacial fractures, maxillofacial soft tissue and(or) bone cysts, oral and maxillofacial infection, maxillofacial hemangioma, congenital cleft lip and cleft palate, and temporomandibular joint disorders, etc., complex dental implantation, oral and maxillofacial plastic surgery, etc. As a newly established clinical specialty, the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery has introduced the specialized techniques of head and neck surgery in central Sichuan area from West China Hospital of Stomatology, has successfully performed dozens of sophisticated operations of head and neck surgery and helped critically ill patients out of danger time after time, which makes it well received by the patients. The establishment of the department fills in the blanks of oral and maxillofacial surgery in the third-grade class-A comprehensive hospitals in central Sichuan area and makes SCH the only medical institution with both a stomatology clinic and a separate ward of oral and maxillofacial surgery, and it also makes the department structure of SCH more perfect and complete. The development of the Stomatology Department at SCH will push forward the all-round development of stomatology in central Sichuan area.

          Areas of expertise by Stomatology Department staff

          1. Oral and maxillofacial & head and neck surgery

          • Oral and maxillofacial benign and malignant tumor
          • Postoperative defect repair of head and neck tumors including tongue cancer, lip cancer, buccal carcinoma, gingival carcinoma, cancer of mouth floor, carcinoma of maxillary sinus, malignant lymphoma, benign and malignant tumors of jaw, etc.
          • Precancerous lesion including oral leukoplakia, oral erythroplakia, and lichen planus, etc.
          • Soft tissue cyst and cyst of jaw
          • Maxillofacial space infection, osteomyelitis of jaw, and wisdom tooth pericoronitis
          • Head trauma and jaw fracture
          • Inflammation, cyst, and benign or malignant tumors of three salivary glands(parotid gland, submandibular gland and sublingual gland) and many small submucosal mucus glands in oral and maxillofacial areas
          • Congenital cleft lip and cleft palate
          • Temporomandibular joint disease

          2. oral medicine & oral surgery

          • Dental caries
          • Non caries diseases(cracked teeth, wedge shaped defect)
          • Dental trauma
          • Preservation of residual roots and crowns
          • Dental pulp disease and periapical disease
          • Hypersensitive teeth
          • Gingival disease
          • Periodontal disease
          • Oral mucosal disease such as herpes simplex, stomatitis, cheilitis, and glossitis, etc.
          • All kinds of dental surgeries
          • lip buccal and lingual frenum deformity
          • Oral and maxillofacial small tumors and inflammation
          Specialized techniques carried out include: precision root canal therapy, microscopic root canal therapy, endodontic treatment, root canal preparation with nickel titanium alloy engine file, tooth whitening, ultrasonic scaling, periodontal turn over flap surgery, loose tooth fixation, lip buccal and lingual frenum formation, superficial mucinous cyst excision, and impacted tooth extraction, etc.

          3. Prosthodontics

          • Denture repair for tooth defect and dentition defect, etc. such as noble metal porcelain crown and bridge, noble metal alloy crown and bridge, all ceramic veneer crown, cast porcelain crown, pure titanium bracket, invisible denture, complete denture ,etc.
          • Cosmetic repair for acheomycin teeth, dental fluorosis, dental abnormalities, etc.

          4. Orthodontics

          Specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of malocclusion deformities in children and adults, which includes the orthodontic treatment and the combined orthodontic and prosthodontic treatment of various malocclusion deformities and periodontal diseases caused by crowded teeth, crooked teeth, tooth gap, anterior teeth reverse(audacity), anterior overjet(TT), all teeth deep overbite, bimaxillary protrusion, open bite, impacted teeth, etc.

          Specialized orthodontic techniques carried out include: edgewise technique, straight wire appliance, filaments appliance, fragments appliance, extraoral anchorage appliance, functional appliance.